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Brand Spotlight: The Protein Works™

June 29, 2017
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Here at MyGymStack we are ALL about having your choice! Want to wear Gymshark? Awesome! Prefer Pursue? Get on it! Think Myprotein have the best flavours? Get buying! You get the picture… We rack the brands up, you choose your favourite. Here is the latest post in our Brand Spotlight Series…

About The Protein Works™

Founded in 2012 by Mark Coxhead, Karl Jacobie and Nick Smith. The Protein Works™ has gone from strength to strength, building a sports nutrition brand that breaks the mould, proven by their strong desire to innovate, using only natural flavours and the finest ingredients. As an example of their innovation, in October 2014 The Protein Works™ created the world’s very first protein popcorn, the Naked Protein Popcorn with whey protein and coconut oil and sweetened with the natural sweetener.

In 2015 The Protein Works launched Europe’s finest protein bakery, baking protein packed snacks daily!

Yup. You heard that right, a bakery dedicated to making delicious protein goodies…

the protein works

One of the fastest growing nutrition brands in the market, The Protein Works™ are raising the bar in terms of product quality and level of service in the sports nutrition industry.

It’s fair to say, all the staff here at MyGymStack are damn excited to witness the growth of this exciting brand!

The Summer Sale is LIVE!

The Protein Works™ are right now running an unreal Summer Sale, pretty much everything is discounted and in some cases as much as 80% OFF! It’s such a good time to get restocked while this sale lasts.

Let’s talk a look at some of The Protein Works™ most popular products…

Whey Protein 80

This is their award winning whey protein & probably most popular product! Winner of the “Best Protein Award” in the FSN Product Awards. It packs a protein punch of over 20g of protein per shake. Made with natural flavours with no thickeners or fillers, TPW™ Whey Protein 80 is a must-try product.

Protein Snacks

Hand baked fresh on site each day at the TPW™ protein bakery. Everything produced contains quality flavours and fantastic protein content. They make a really useful & healthy alternatives to your usual snacks!

Things like:
Protein Brownies
Protein Truffles
Protein Nutties
TPW™ Protein Cookies & loads more

Vegan Protein

This contains a really impressive amount of protein with over 26g of protein per shake. With five tasty flavours to try, that include: Choc Mint Brownie, Chocolate Silk, Strawberries ‘n’ Cream, Vanilla Crème & unflavoured. This product is Gluten and Dairy free for those who are intolerant to Whey but need to increase their protein intake! #winning

Creatine Extreme

Containing 7g of creatine per serving & created to incorporate all the best properties of the world’s top 5 creatines, The Protein Works™ Creatine Extreme takes the world’s most popular strength supplement creatine to the absolute cutting-edge of sports nutrition. They talk the talk on the quality of this creatine, and the word is they back it up with results.

BCAA Extreme

This impressive amino blend helps to fight off fatigue in those beast workouts.
Contains Vitamin C, Magnesium and Calcium alongside your essential Amino Acids. Using their delicious 100% natural flavours, you have the choice from Watermelon Cooler, Orange Burst and Cherry Limeade Cooler.

Win A Year’s Supply of Protein

We’ve had the amazing opportunity to give one winner an entire year’s supply of TPW™ Protein! This is really exciting as it’s one of the biggest giveaways we’ve ever ran. For your chance to win head over to the WIN page, and good luck!

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