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Full Body Park Workout by Anna Jackson

July 16, 2017
Anna Jackson
All There Fitness
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What’s the best part of working out? There’s nowhere that you CAN’T get it done! Whether you’re at home, at the gym, on vacation, or just out walking around, there’s always a way to stay fit-minded and perform a quality workout. In fact, some of your most effective workouts might just occur in a completely random location. In the spirit of summer (and those completely random locations), take a break from your typical workout routine and give this full body park workout circuit a try. All you need is a bench and your own body weight to feel that burn and break a sweat! If you don’t see a bench in the park, look for stairs, a tree stump, or any elevated platform.

Warm Up

Lightly jog around the park for 5 minutes (approximately .5 miles)
25x Jumping Jacks
20x Standing Toe Touches

The Workout

Directions: Perform each exercise in reps of 10-15. Repeat the entire circuit 3x through, resting for 90 seconds between each circuit.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are a full body exercise that will quickly elevate your heart rate. Position your body in a tight, straight line, with fully extended arms. With a tight core, bring one of your knees in towards your chest. Reverse the position of your legs as quickly as possible (go slower if you have trouble keeping form!) Each rep consists of your right and left leg completing this motion. Repeat.

Full Body Park Workout mountain climbers 2

Full Body Park Workout mountain climbers 1

Elevated or Forearm Plank

Perform your planks in either high plank or forearm plank form. You could even try combining both plank styles for more intensity. Place your hands (or forearms) on the bench directly under your shoulders. Squeeze your core for stability and ensure your feet are grounded. Your body should be in a straight line, with a neutral neck and spine. Hold for a 60 – 90 seconds before moving on to the next exercise in this circuit.



Triceps Push Ups

Assume standard push up position (hands in line with your shoulders, tight core and glutes). In a slow, controlled manner, lower your chest to the bench. Ensure that your elbows stay in line with your body and do not swing out to the side. If performed correctly, you should feel your triceps burn after just the first couple push ups!


Full Body Park Workout triceps 2

Full Body Park Workout triceps 1

Elevated Side Plank Dips

Place one of your hands on the bench, turn your body to the side, and put your feet in a comfortable position (you can try putting your top foot slightly in front of your bottom foot). Tighten your core and lift your hips to form a straight line. Slowly lower your hips towards the ground, while maintaining your core, and raise them back up to starting position. Although, your oblique muscles will feel the deepest burn, plank dips utilize your entire body to perform.


Full Body Park Workout side plank 2

Full Body Park Workout side plank 1


Box Jumps

Stand facing the bench and lower yourself into a jumping position. Bend your knees and hips. Maintain a straight back, swing your arms for momentum, and jump onto the bench as quietly as possible. If done correctly, you should land in the same position that you started. You may step off the bench or jump backwards for added intensity. Repeat.


Full Body Park Workout box jumps 2

Full Body Park Workout box jumps 1


Shoulder Taps

Place your body in elevated plank position. Without moving your hips, touch your right hand to your left shoulder before bringing back down to plank position. Perform the same motion with your left hand and continue switching sides until the full set is complete.

Full Body Park Workout shoulder taps


Face the bench. Stand up straight with proper posture and lightly place one of your feet up on the bench. With a slight jumping movement, switch the position of your legs at a rapid pace and continue. Each rep includes both a right and left toe-tap on the bench.

Full Body Park Workout toe taps 2

Full Body Park Workout toe taps 1

Triceps Dips

Facing your body away from the bench or elevated platform, position your hands shoulder width apart. Assume a “seat” position, or for added intensity, extend your legs out in front of you (pike position). Straighten your arms before slowly bending your elbows backwards, lowering your body to the ground. Your elbows should end in a 90 degree angle, before extending back up to starting position.

Full Body Park Workout dips 2

Full Body Park Workout Dips 1

Cool Down

Walk around the park at a slow, casual pace to bring your heart rate back down. Don’t forget to stretch!

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