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Myprotein x Stack – Limited Edition Collection

June 16, 2017
Stack it to the man!
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This is our very first clothing run, and damn it’s been an exciting one! We’ve hooked up with Myprotein to do a co-branded collection, on a hyper-limited scale. Starting out this way gives us the chance to get everything right – from the shipping, garment selection and to all of the unique design elements.

Choosing the garments

With summer right around the corner, we knew we had to go light and airy. Both the men’s and women’s tops hit the nail on the head. The Men’s T-shirt hugs the chest and arms, without being too restrictive and the Women’s Twist Racer Back Vest offers a fit that falls loosely over the body, perfect for a hot day or a humid gym.

Myprotein limited edition

The design

We wanted to compliment the garments with our own branding, rather than attempting to ego print on them and end up with in-your-face designs that don’t do the Myprotein garments justice.

The Men’s T-Shirts come with limited edition elements printed on both sleeves, right on the guns 💪 . Designed by our in-house team, these elements are understated but striking.

The Women’s Vests feature the eye catching Stack “V” symbol centered on the upper back and Stack full logo down the right side.

We couldn’t be happier with the final designs.

Myprotein limited edition

The end product

All of the team has worked tirelessly to make sure the end product is, quite frankly – beautiful. We’ve taken a huge amount of pride in producing these so we hope that will reflect in the feedback!


Myprotein limited edition


Will this ever happen again?

Of course, due to the nature of a limited edition run – this will be our one and only run with these. That doesn’t mean we would be against running other co-branded campaigns, and who knows… Maybe we have something unbelievably, amazingly exciting in the works for Stack’s own-clothing line…

Uh oh, I’ve already said too much! Pretend you didn’t read that last bit 🙄😆

Want to get your hands on one of these?

Expected to sell out fast, head over to our shop and let us know what you think by using #StackLimitedEdition

Myprotein limited edition

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